4 Places You Must See In Semporna To Teleport You To Maldives

You’re looking right at the south-eastern coast of Sabah in Malaysia.

This is Semporna, a sleepy coastal fishing village where it takes an hour’s drive away from Tawau Airport to get you to a collection of breath-taking beautiful islands for your dream beach adventure.

Travel through the island clusters and you will be blessed with crystal clear turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and the opportunity to dive into some of the most iconic dive sites in the world.

If you’re planning on a trip to the Maldives of Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place! We are about to reveal the 4 TOP PLACES you must put into your bucket list, or you’ll regret not seeing when you’re here at Semporna. Ready? Let’s go:

1. Stay on insane floating chalet built over the Celebes Sea

Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort is completely detached from land – both physically and visually – so you are literally a world away from the rest.

2. Hike on to the highest point of the remains of an Ancient Volcano — Bohey Dulang

Photo credit: www.pulaumabul.com

Most visitors to Bohey Dulang come for the views from the island’s highest point. Visitors are welcomed by an almost surreal sight of the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters and the coral reefs that lay underneath from the 353m-high viewpoint. It will take you around 45 minutes to get to the summit if you follow the 600-meter hiking track that winds around the island and leads to the peak.

3. Experience the sea gypsies’ culture on Selakan Island

Photo credit: insightguides.com

Selakan island is home to the Bajau Laut community, also known as the sea gypsies. For centuries, this ancient community has lived on stilt huts or longboats on the floating villages in Semporna. They spend most of their time on and under the deep sea, so it’s no surprise they have mastered the art of freediving. We heard some could even dive for 20 meters deep while holding their breath for several minutes on end!

4. Discover beautiful reefs and rare marine life in these Islands

Photo credit: @anastruncnik

Mataking Island, Mabul Island, Kapalai, Pom Pom Island, and Sibuan Island are some of the best snorkelling places in Semporna! Book your island hopping or snorkelling tour with On9travel for a hassle-free vacation that includes transports, all necessary equipment, a professional guide, lunch, conservation fees, and all you need for a wonderful adventure. BONUS! You also get a FREE professional underwater photography service from us!

Semporna Sabah is not just a diver’s paradise, it’s also a perfect place for hiking, snorkelling, eat wonderful food from many cuisines, and much more! It makes an ideal vacation destination for couples, friends, family and even colleagues! If going to Maldives is not within your budget, then we best recommend you take a trip to the Maldives of Malaysia, Semporna!

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