Holiday soon? Follow these travel safety advices by WHO when traveling during COVID-19

Borders are open, we can all travel again! After two long and painful years of travel bans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can finally hop on the airplane and make up for the lost years of a much-needed vacation. FINALLY!

With the majority population of Malaysians getting vaccinated and boosted, we are more protected from COVID-19, which provides some flexibility in regard to what we can feel safe doing again. However, that doesn’t mean we are 100% completely safe from the virus. With that being said, there are still precautions we need to take to keep us and our loved ones safe as we are having fun.

Travel Health & Safety Tips During COVID-19

Practice Good Hygiene

Wash your hands regularly. If soap and water are not available at this point in time, use a hand sanitizer which is at least 60% alcohol. Hence, it’s recommended to always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go. Take extra alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you when you travel.

COVID-19 infections are transferred by droplets of saliva or mucus, which are produced when people cough or sneeze and then inhaled by others so avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and face with unwashed hands. This is because viruses most frequently enter the body through these routes.

Cover Up

Wear your mask throughout your travel (seriously, we mean it!). Wearing your mask not only protects you from contracting COVID-19, but it also keeps you from spreading the virus to others if you’re sick and don’t realize it. While you may not be experiencing any serious symptoms, someone else may be at a high risk of getting severe COVID-19 problems.

Stay up-to-date with local, national, and international health and travel guidelines

Especially if you’re traveling internationally. Make sure to check with your travel agency for the latest information and advice

Travel insurance

To travel with peace of mind, we recommend you to add-on travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage. However, most travel insurance companies tend to exclude coverage for pandemics and epidemics. Because insurance coverage differs so much, it’s best to contact the insurance carrier directly or ask your travel manager for further information.

Use your Travel Consultant

Having a professional travel adviser and a travel management business with a genuine 24/7 emergency hotline is invaluable in situations like these. Hence, On9Travel provides these services so you can travel without having to worry more.

Whether you are taking a plane, train, bus, jeepney, ferry, tuk-tuk, ride-hailing taxi, truck, or car for the holidays, these advices apply to you. Keeping preventive measures in place to protect yourself and others around you from COVID-19 is critical. Take all precautions possible before, during, and after your trip.

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